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Bakersfield Commercial Refrigeration Installation Services

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Refrigeration Installation Done Right

We specialize in the commercial refrigeration installation. No matter how big or small, we have the knowledge and experience to complete any installation. It takes more than just constructing the box and installing the equipment. It takes a certain level of competency and proficiency to make the calculations necessary to ensure that installation of your new systems will be operating precisely as they should right out of the box.

We live in an area with the risk of earthquakes and other natural disasters. It is important that proper methods are used to anchor refrigeration equipment and to secure refrigeration lines. Failure to utilize industry best practices during installation can lead to permanent damage of your equipment. Doing things right the first time will ensure the longevity of your systems. Your bottom line will appreciate it!

Refrigeration installation Expertise

Top industry manufacturers have trusted us with some of their most important refrigeration installation jobs in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.  We utilize those industry connections to do the best job for our clients, every time.

Call The Right Installation Team For The Job

Whether you need a simple walk-in cooler/freezer combo, or a more complex system , we can get the job done right. Call us today!

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Bakersfield Commercial Refrigeration Installation
Bakersfield Commercial Refrigeration Installation
Bakersfield Commercial Refrigeration Installation


We’ve worked with all the biggest names in the industry and have built relationships that give you access to the best support and guidance.

We’ll be with you from the start of your project to the finish. If you want a solid commercial refrigeration installation, you need our expertise and resources.

Let our team be your partner in keeping all the good things cold!